Really Collapse ALL


ALL means ALL. I’d like a keyboard shortcut to really collapse ALL.

The current “Expand/collapse all” applies only to children of the current item. I need a keystroke to collapse everything on the current page to the top level list of bullets. e.g. When I’m at the document level, I want to see the title and all of the highest level items.


Hi Susan. I agree, it would be nice to have a keyboard shortcut that collapses everything in the current view.

I have a workaround that I’ve been using since the parent: search operator became available. Let’s say my document title is “Work Projects”. If I search for parent:ork parent:rojects, that will show me a view of the doc with everything collapsed. I can then save that URL as a link and go to my “home view” any time I want:



That’s very clever! If Dynalist had the ability to assign a keyboard shortcut to a bookmark, it would be the perfect solution.


Sorry, I am not following. When I am on a document, and click the document title text, and hit the hotkey for expand all, it will toggle to collapsing everything and expanding every single node in the document, just as desired. Did you try that or something else?


@George3 - I would label the behavior you have described as “Collapse” or “Collapse Children”. What I’m looking for is: Regardless of where I am in the document, collapse everything.


So technically you want what it already does, but to skip that extra 1 click (and the scroll to the top if ur not there)


(Different topic but: you might also be interested in this collapse by level feature people keep requesting Basically a hotkey to collapse the whole doc, expand everythong only to the first level, expand everything only to the second level…sort a view with progressively more detail showing…would be cool some day) Don’t mean to derail ur thread so if anyone replies to this, reply in the threads i linked instead.