Quick way to add an item

This is a ridiculously simple technique, but I’ve found it helpful with daily Dynalist.

I often find myself in the middle of an item’s markdown text. To add an item requires me to carefully position the cursor at the end of the item and then press return.

A PhraseExpress macro with {#END}{#ENTER} tied to a hotkey eases the flow.

One day, we’ll have WYSIWYG, but in the meantime…


Another way to do it is

Ctrl + End


Thanks. That shortcut seems to take you to the bottom of the screen, which is useful in it itself. But I’m looking at adding an item immediately below the current item.

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This is nice but I think it won’t work if the bullet has multiple lines (I think yours will just take you to the end of the line, but not the end of the bullet?) - A foolproof method is:

Ctrl + a -> right arrow key -> enter

This will always work no matter how long the bullet is (and of course, left arrow key to add something before the bullet)


On the Mac that would be alt+up/down arrows :sunglasses:

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We need a ADD button that puts your cursor at the beginning/end of InBox list, especially on iOS app. It is a pain to find a position of the cursor and add items at a specific location.

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Yes I agree, I would really like a floating add button - you should make a post for this in the ‘featured’ section as it won’t get seen here

  1. what’s the shortcut/hotkey being used here?

  2. and what are the steps for this?

so can see how easiely or simply this works