Quick Voice Add with QuickDynalist and Lawnchair (Android)

I want to share a nice way to add entries by voice to dynalist. I am using the app QuickDynalis. With this you can add entries by voice with google assistant “Add note”.

But there is also another nice way. I am using the launcher Lawnchair. With this you can define an action on doubliclick on the screen. I chosed “Add to Dynalist with Voice Command” from the App QuickDynalist.

Now, double tap on the home screen will show voice recognition. After saying it goes directly to dynalist. Pretty nice when you on road or in car, e.g. Just say whats in your mind without any hazzle arround it. :slight_smile:

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Great use-case :slight_smile:

I’m actually surprised that you were able to select the ‘Add to Dynalist with Voice Command’ shortcut – most apps fail at doing so. Can you take a screenshot of what is available to select from QD? Thanks!

I find that Google Assistant works very well. Is there an advantage to Lawnchair?

Yea that’s weird, Nova launcher doesn’t detect this as an ‘activity’ of Quick dynalist

I found out that launchers can actually query static shortcuts (which they have to obviously to display them in the first place) whereas normal apps can unfortunately not. Nova could also offer static shortcuts as gesture options but seems to be messing that feature. In contrast lawnchair has apparently implemented that.

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I think just another way. Choose what is best for you. :wink:
Lawnchair is a Launcher, that let you define shortcuts/gestures to call an app. Other launchers do that as well, of course.

I dont like “Hey Google” always on. So I prefere to start VoiceAdd on another way. This showcase is about “DoubleTip” :slight_smile:

Perhaps we could extend this thread:
How do you quickly add your items to dynalist?