Quick Dynalist - The native Android app for Dynalist

Okay, let me know whether the access to the documents can be somehow improved.

Hi Louis, thanks for your response. Most of my nodes on dynalist is content notes (which is use mainly for reading to understand and writing), so checkbox is rarely used by me. I’m not sure other users find that useful but the option of tick a note done and hide it instead of delete will help me to find that note later if I need to rethink about that. Directly swipe to get the items done is more intuitive and convenient because I found using that most of the time in Dynalist, which is more useful for me than create checkbox for that item and then tickdone. This option just help me to work and think freely when using your apps, I can quickly drop thoughts, now I can easily put something into trash without having to worry those thoughts would gone forever.
Thanks for reading, that’s my use case, I hope it make sense to you and hopefully you can make that happen. Thanks!

So if I understand correctly, you want to tick it off without creating a checkbox?
Hum, would a context menu option suffice? Or do you want to swipe it away. Then we would have to replace the edit swipe with the check-off swipe.
If at all, I would only do this as an option in the settings menu. Not sure this is a common use-case.

My $0.02 – I rarely delete items but I often check them off. I would love an option to swipe-and-check off in QD instead of swipe-and-delete.

And then have the delete option in the context menu?

Yes, that sounds right, so that delete is still in reach. Hmm… maybe a more general feature is that the swipe actions should be customizable?


Yes I want to tick it off without creating a checkbox. An option to set the action of swipe would be great, or at least I want an option of checking off in the menu.

Will look into it next weekend or so :slight_smile:

Thank you.

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When I add an item using Quick Dynalist, it goes into Quick Dynalist’s “Inbox” but not into my Dynalist inbox. In fact, items in my Quick Dynalist inbox don’t show up in my Dynalist at all, but my Dynalist items do show up in Quick Dynalist. How do I fix this?

This misbehavior showed up when I let Android update Quick Dynalist. Back when all QD did was to save items to my inbox, it worked as expected.

UPDATE: Huh. That was weird. I uninstalled Dynalist and QD, I re-installed them, and I recreated the Quick Dialog shortcut, and now it works.

Great to hear that it works now. Did you use a very old version before? Potentially I made a mistake during the upgrade procedure from a very old version to the newest.

That is entirely possible. I do not allow my phone to auto-upgrade (precisely because upgrades don’t always go smoothly.)

What a terrific app Louis, I use it every day. Many thanks!

One question / request - I usually add voice items in my native language and the Google assistant speech to text is horrible at recognizing what I said. I know this is also true for many foreign languages.

It would be fantastic if, instead of relying on the Google Assistant, the voice item would be inserted as an MP3 (low khz would suffice to save bandwidth and upload quota).

I would envision it in a such a way that after clicking on the icon “Voice Item”, the MP3 recording would start recording immediately with 2 small buttons (such as in the Quick Dialog box) always present: PAUSE and SEND. The Pause option would pause the recording process. Then a Resume button would appear, after which the recording would continue from the point where it was paused.

After hitting SEND (during recording or even during pause), the recording would generate an MP3 file and be attached to the inbox we’ve specified. Any plans on doing something like this in the future?



This actually sounds quite nice. I could also use this. I’ll add it to the list of ideas, can’t say when I’ll have time to implement it though.


Great to hear! I believe this feature would be a game changer for many people.
Thanks again for your work!

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Trying QD for the first time today, I’m quite impressed. Thank you for your generous work!

But a few things make it, in many cases, less useful for me than the native Dynalist app.

For better or worse, I use notes profusely as an integrated part of my Dynalist workflow, and I’ve customized the CSS so notes are lighter but not smaller than normal text. Therefore the two features which would make QD far more useful to me are:

  1. Option to show full notes for all visible items (though obviously not for children or grandchildren)

  2. Option to customize font sizes, ideally including note size independently of item size

Thanks Marcus!

You want to see multiple notes at once if I understand correctly? Otherwise you can just select the item and pull down the toolbar.

Are you talking specifically about the font sizes in the list of items or also in other places? (e.g. navigation drawer, widgets, filter configuration, edit dialog, etc)