Push Development of Quick Dynalist

@Dynalist dev team: First off, I really like Dynalist and its open ecosystem approach. It has enabled lots of my habits very positively. However, I am under the impression that the Android Dynalist app is not optimized for mobile at all, and therefore usability suffers a lot. I am using Quick Dynalist as my default instead, since it’s so much better for the bread-and-butter use cases like capturing ideas quickly. Since it’s developed as a hobby project by Louis Kirsch, it has its rough edges (of course!), i. e. no support to add documents from within the app, and some clunky user interfaces that could use some brush-over from UI experts. Have you considered allocating some resources to boost that open-source project, i. e. brushing it up and base your official Android app on it? I’d recommend Dynalist more to less experienced user if the default mobile experience was less hacky.