Prune trailing empty items

Sometimes I leave an empty item at the end of the list. I usually don’t want it. Can we auto-prune them somehow?

If you don’t mind me asking, why did you leave an empty item? Is it accidental (by design of the app), or intentional but no longer wanted later?

When adding the item “avocados” to a list I type “avocados” then I hit return.
When I’m done adding I don’t always remember to remove the last empty item.

Hmm, shouldn’t it be first hit return to create a new entry, and then type “avocados”? :avocado:

…anyways, feel free to close if this isn’t useful.

Ok, I’ll do that.

I feel bad to disappoint you… just trying to strike a balance and not add too many things that are not commonly used and bloat Dynalist. I hope that’s understandable!