Protip: Duplicate item hotkey is easier than trying to aim the mouse at the end of a line

So I have difficulty aiming the mouse all the way at the end of a line in order to add a new item.
If you aim too far left, your in the middle of the text and need to -> arrow key until you get to the end. If you’re too far right, it’s a blank void and you hit the wrong line of text. It’s just a lot of precision for my lazy self, and I’m no keyboard-only vim genius either. And there’s no “add item below/above” hotkey.

Anyway, new trick: sloppily slap the mouse in the middle of the line, hit Duplicate Item hotkey, Crtl-A, then type what you want. Thought I’d share this little improvement I discovered ¯_(ツ)_/¯ .