Progress rollup feature based on its descendents being checked off

Maybe Dynalist can have a feature where the parent item has a progress that represents the number of descendant checkmarks completed/num of descendant progress * 100,
that is based on the number of children and their children completed.
That may take significant work to get down. But would help.

Im open to hearing suggestions to a way to workaround it.


Since tags have the number of times its been used next to them… i just use the tag to record habits…

again im asking if anyone else as a way to work around my original post

I know this had been floating around a year now but I too would really like to see a better way to indicate progress. It could be something as simple as a \ or / rather than check in the root part of a list of sub items or some type of tag or marker that could be added to show percentage of items complete, or just a simple number say 1 to 4 where nothing is no subs complete, 1-4 approximate 25%, 50%, 75% and >75% with the final check completion.

Due to the nature of my lists (essentially a full project management system for me) at times items can take weeks to fully complete. It would be nice, at a glance to see how far top level items are along.