[Pro] Google Calendar integration for dates

(Moved from Trello; you can vote for this feature and see past discussion at https://trello.com/c/uVxdA3iO/122-pro-google-calendar-integration-for-dates-and-reminders)

This is going to be one-way integration from Dynalist to Google Calendar, i.e. Dynalist dates will appear in Google Calendar but not the other way around.

You will be able to specify duration in Dynalist. The content of the item containing the date will be the title of the event.


If you update the date in Dynalist will it update GCal?

Have you looked into https://www.cronofy.com/ ? I use their Evernote Connector demo to keep my Evernote reminders sync’d with GCal. Works awesome!!!

Yes that’s how we plan to make it work, if it’s possible.

Thanks for the pointer to Chronofy!

So this means the google calendar entries will be read-only ?

You may not prefer this from development viewpoint, but can you release simple features first ?
lets say, entries show up in google calendar but recurring entries etc may not be supported, initially.

same for reverse integration !

this enables me to get going with Dynalist sooner … though initially in minimal way.

Can we have an option to also add a URL to the Dynalist item in the calendar event?

Sorry for not seeing this earlier. The URL was added to the description field in a later iteration. Cheers!


I put this in another thread but this seems like a good place to point out another advantage of the URL in the description of the item. I have a list item for each day, usually set up a few days in advance, with goals and appointments for those days. The format for today is 2017-04-18 @Tuesday !(2017-04-18) . The nice part about it is that first thing this morning, there was a notification on my phone from my calendar app, showing that as an all day event. I swiped it and tapped the embedded link and I was immediately on today’s item in Dynalist. Great way to brain dump any thoughts that I woke up with and to review the upcoming day.


Hooray! :smiley:

Hi @Erica , can we have option to create inactive dates? I mean they should be parsed in UI like normal dates (or maybe have different icon or little bit different style), but should not be synced with GCal.
Even simple “^” written by hand after a date is chosen in datepicker would be awesome :slight_smile:
for example: !^(2017-05-13 01:30) or !(^2017-05-13 01:30) or wherever is easier and faster for you to implement :slight_smile:

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Yep, that would be great!

Instead of hidden operators like ^, I think it’s better if the date picker can have a checkbox for whether or not the date should be synced. That way it’s more discoverable.


It was just an idea for string in not rendered date (when cursor is in item with date) :slight_smile: I saw yesterday different topic where someone was asking about specifying duration - maybe it could be merged in that way:

this will be synced and should occupy 2 hours in calendar:
!(2017-05-13 10:00)[duration:2h sync:yes]
or 1h 30m
!(2017-05-13 10:00)[duration:1h30m sync:yes]

this should not be synced but has duration (duration should be shown in some way when date is rendered for user, maybe if now is 9:00 then it should be stated like: “in an hour - for 2 hours”):
!(2017-05-13 10:00)[duration:2h sync:no]

and this is simple date without duration which should also not be synced
!(2017-05-13 10:00)[sync:no]
or maybe by default, when syncing is not checked in date picker, this should be simple as:
!(2017-05-13 10:00)

I think that with syntax like that it could be easily extended to contain information about recurring task etc.
Just an idea :slight_smile:

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This is the way MooDo works. So it’s possible. And VERY desirable. Lots of other apps allow entries to Gcal but then that entry is unresponsive to changes in the app where it was created.

THe dated event can be created just on MooDo or with a keystroke combo, sent to GCAL.

I’d say if this were implemented it would place DL ahead of much of the competition.

I have used Chronofy with Trello.

My comment was from last December and this is already implemented, see Google Calendar integration | The Dynalist Blog

Sorry for not clarifying that!

Hello! But unfortunately it’s only one-way sync. How I can vote for full 2-way sync?

You can open a new topic in the “Feature” category, and if it gets enough attention (likes an comments), we can open a card for it.