I was reading the Privacy Policy and this is quite concerning:

“Our employees do not monitor or view your personal information or content stored in our service, but it may be viewed if we learn that our Terms of Service may have been violated and confirmation is required, or we otherwise determine that we have an obligation to review it.”

Basically this is saying employees may access user content if they wanted to, but they choose not to. (Besides how will you know if your Terms of Service is violated if user content is not scanned/monitored?) Quite scary.

I am looking for some reassurance that my notes are not accessible to anyone else besides myself…

Thank you.

It’s mostly legal speak to say that if someone were to report to us that your Dynalist account is hosting illegal content (for example, if you shared a public document with copyrighted material that you don’t have the rights to use), we have the right to verify that claim in order to take action to protect the platform. We may actually be required by law to verify this anyway, such as in the case of a DMCA takedown. (This has never happened yet in the last 5 years of running Dynalist, by the way)

In reality we don’t access anyone’s data before explicit consent from the user (through the support email channel). Since we, like many other internet services, don’t offer End-to-End Encryption, we can only try to limit data access through technical means, which is not a guarantee. In the end, it’s trust you place in us, same as any other internet service like Dropbox, Gmail, etc.

Just be reassured that we have no interest in the contents of your data - We only care that Dynalist works well for you and everyone else that’s relying on it.


Thank you for the reassurance!

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I think, if you’re following rules of web security (like using VPN in public, firewalls etc), it’s okay. The public here seems to be decent and honest.


I agree about using VPN services and firewalls - but there’s actually more to the topic of digital security. Some good reviews can be found at SecuringHome, for example - it may help if you can’t choose the best option.

**Rest assured, your notes are private and not accessed by employees unless required due to a violation or legal obligation. Your data security is a priority.