Privacy while using Dynalist on work computer

What can I do to ensure that my work Dynalist is segregated from my personal information?

I’ve been using Dynalist for a couple of years now and I love it. I have to do lists, project lists, technical information, and my personal “database” of information in it. It is truly fantastic.

At my previous job, I was the IT person that installed my own computer. There was no one watching over my shoulder. I knew all the security that was on my work computer and what the company watched and didn’t watch, because I was the one that set it all up.

At my new job, I am not the IT guy in charge. I was handed my work laptop all setup already. I know for a fact though, that they have security software that monitors browsing activity and content. For this reason, I don’t open my personal email on my work laptop.

Regarding Dynalist: I would like to use it for my work also. It would really help me stay organized and productive. I don’t want to use a different system. It is nice having everything all in one place. But I don’t want my work monitoring and able to read everything in my non-work related sections of my personal Dynalist.

What can I do to ensure that my work Dynalist is segregated from my personal information?

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Register with your work email?

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Thanks for responding !

That’s the only thing I can think of:

Register a completely separate Dynalist account with my work email. Then create a Dynalist document on my personal email and share it to my work email.

That’s less than ideal. But it would accomplish almost everything I need.

The disadvantage is having to pay for a second instance of Dynalist Pro (not that big of a deal).

But it would allow me to access my work Dynalist on my personal computer/iPad. That’s good. Also, there is no way for the work account/browser to see personal Dynalist.

Overall, not a bad solution.