Prioritize Headings in Move To and Item Finder Dialogs

The title basically says it all. My Dynalist is getting quite large, and I think that when using the Move To and Item Finder dialogs, nodes that are headings 1, 2, or 3 should show up at the top of the list once you start typing (instead of nodes that are not headings). This would allow the results to display quicker, and it would make it a lot easier to specify on the fly which nodes you want to often go back to in the future. As it is, I often have to navigate to nodes that aren’t that important and change the wording of the start of the node so that more important nodes will show up first when I use the Move To and Item Finder dialogs. I know that tags placed at the beginning of nodes were recently bumped up in the search priority, and I think headings should be considered just as (or even more) important in this context.