Printing problem (pasting here because of lack of response in Bugs forum)

Hi everyone

I am pasting here because of lack of response in Bugs forum.

I have Google Chrome on Windows, and have the same problem in Firefox. Printing, either physical or pdf, results in overlapped text at the top of subsequent pages. See the link where I have more specific details and a pdf showing the results.

This is a deal breaker for me. I love Dynalist, but if I can’t print, I will need to switch to Jerkflowy or just give up on outliners. I would appreciate any help I can get so I can continue using Dynalist.

Dave Gifford

  • remove your custom CSS and see if that fixes it
  • export the document and paste into Google Docs and print there
  • try printing from Incognito mode and see if that fixes it

I mentioned in my OP that I had removed my custom CSS

Exporting to Google docs makes the indenting and the line-height super wide. The cure is worse than the disease.

Incognito mode did not improve the problem.

As I mentioned in OP, this is a problem on both Chrome and Firefox.

Good luck