Printing only prints the first page, the rest are blank



Steps to reproduce

Select an out line and select print

Expected result

Whole outline to be printed

Actual result

First page is printed, the rest of the pages are blank


MacOS 10.13.6, Dynalist 1.1.17.

Additional information

You can easily test this in clicking on the PDF preview.

Additional comments


This happens to me too when using the native ‘Save to PDF’ option.

Only the first page of the PDF saves, and the rest are blank. This bug exists on the desktop app, but works fine on the web app.

MacOS 10.14.4


I wrote about this problem already on 24/01/2019 in this forum and someone else wrote about this bug before on 18/12/2018. I got no response until now and it is still not working :frowning:


@Henrik Are you on macOS as well?

I tried printing to PDF with the Windows app, and it seems to work fine.


@Erica Wrong guy :slight_smile:

@Hendrik this was meant for you :slight_smile:


@Henrik Omg so sorry! :scream: Your names are so similar I didn’t even notice…


Yes, I am on macOS 10.14.3

I wrote about this problem before in this forum:


From our research, it’s a bug in Electron and should be fixed by updating it. Soon!