Printing only half of the first page

Steps to reproduce

  1. Navigate to a large section. Here’s an example.
  2. Hit Ctrl+P to print.
  3. Notice that the print dialog states that there are two pages to print. However, the preview shows that the content stops exactly halfway down the first page, and page 2 is completely blank.
  4. Further observe that mobile controls are rendered at the top of page 1.
  5. Actually print the document and note that the print output is a light gray, and only includes the first half of page 1 and the printer spits out a completely blank page 2.

Expected result

A complete printout.

Actual result

Only the top half of page 1 is printed.


I’m using Chromium on Ubuntu Linux. I don’t know if the browser makes a difference here.

Additional information

Here’s a screenshot of the print dialog:

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Hi @Scott_Severance, thanks for reporting this bug!

If you don’t mind us seeing your document, could you please make it public to all? That way I can try to reproduce the issue.


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@Erica, thanks for the response. I looked in the settings, but I couldn’t find any permissions options. I must be looking in the wrong place.

I think I read something about sharing options that apply at the root level, but there is some content on other branches which I’d rather not make public unless there’s no other way to diagnose the problem. I don’t mind if you or any other dev uses privileged methods to access my document, though.

If this is insufficient, let me know.

That’s fair – I’ll take a look!

Hi @Scott, just took a look, it looks fixed after we pushed an update to fixed broken print styles.

It’d be nice if you can confirm it as fixed as well!

Thanks. I can confirm the fix on my end.

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