Pressing on item does not open keyboard (mobile/android)

Steps to reproduce

Go to a list and press on any item.

Expected result

After pressing on an item you expect the mobile keyboard to open.

Actual result

Pressing on the item brings up the “action bar” at the bottom of the screen, but not the keyboard. Pressing on the item a second time (or any other item in the list) brings up the keyboard.

Also, there now seems to be a grey scroll bar above the “action bar”, but it seems to not serve any purpose.


Android 9.0. Can repro both in the native app and Chrome mobile browser. Issue appeared after recent mobile Dynalist update.

Additional information

Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like:

(note the grey bar above the action bar as well)

Additional comments

Small aesthetic thing, but on the Android app when loading it now shows the Dynalist logo against a black background instead of the usual white background. Not sure if this was intentional.

So the grey bar above the action menu seems to be caused by an improper sizing issue that was introduced in the recent update. Oddly enough this only appears when the action bar is activated. If I scroll left and right there’s a little bit of “wiggle”, hence the grey scroll bar as the view is slightly oversized for the given screen width. Can reproduce on both my OnePlus 5T (both web version and app version), and also can repro on my Nexus 6P. Oddly enough I’m not seeing it in the web version on my wife’s Moto G7, the sizing seems to be correct there.

Here’s a video showing the “black background” startup (not a big deal, just preferred the way it used to be with the white background, and I’m assuming it wasn’t an intentional change):

The big issue out of these three is the keyboard not opening when an item is first pressed. This makes it much harder to use Dynalist on mobile as I have to double tap whenever I want to edit anything. The other two issues are just minor annoyances, but would be nice for them to be fixed anyways as they were not present before the update.

I was able to repro the “keyboard not opening” issue on my OnePlus 5T, Nexus 6P, and wife’s Moto G7 (both web and native apps for all devices).

Just to confirm, this wasn’t an intentional change right? Is this being tracked?

Thank you for the bug report! Sorry about the late reply, this must have fallen through the cracks somehow.

I was able to repro it and we have tracked this bug on our todo list, and will fix it as soon as we can! Thanks again for letting us know. I’ll update here when it’s fixed :slight_smile:

It’s a little weird too, considering how on the iOS app the first tap gives you the keyboard but not the toolbar, the exact opposite :thinking:

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@Erica This issue appears to have been fixed in the latest update, so you can mark this as solved :smile: