Pressing enter on keyboard does not create new item (Android native)

Steps to reproduce

On Android native (using gboard) go to the end of an item and press “enter”.

Expected result

A new item below the current one is created.

Actual result

A newline is entered in the current item.

This makes using the mobile app incredibly frustrating, as it’s the primary method of creating new items.

See this repro:

New behavior was observed starting today (11/26/2020), possibly due to a gboard update or “server side initiated” gboard update.


Android 10 native app v1.4.10. Gboard v10.0.02.338…

Can’t repro when using alternate keyboard (e.g. SwiftKey) or in Android Chrome (even with gboard).

Seems related to this, but obviously much worse in terms of usability: Splitting existing item can cause duplicate text


I have the same today, this was not happening…

+1 This is rendering the Android mobile application useless for me.

Same problem here. Sometimes it will turn into a new item by hitting the [up] action, but not consistent.

Can repro. Gboard has been incredibly frustrating to work with recently (to the point where it’s worse than Apple/iOS :joy: ), let me see if there’s some way to work around this.

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Found a crappy workaround. Hit enter twice, and your new item appears above the item you started from. Unfortunately the item you created from will have an extra newline that you need to delete manually.

I got a fix coming :slight_smile:


@Shida I really appreciate your quick response to this! Will this update be pushed out faster than the normal release cycle? Is there an ETA for when it should be available?

As fast as the app store will allow us haha. I’ve built the apk about 5 minutes ago and we’ll be sending it up soon.

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Just updated and it’s fixed! Thanks for the fast release!

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