Practical limits for file size and tag usage


I am making extensive use of dynalist. My question is a testimony to how useful I find Dynalist. For one file I currently use, my downloaded opml file is currently at 1.5 megs. I am not seeing any performance issues significant enough to affect my usage of the app. I’m guessing I have several hundred tags currently.

At the rate I’m going, I would imagine that this file could grow to about 10 or 11 meg by the time I’m done with it, with a thousand or more tags.

I read an earlier topic about file size limits and saw the recommendation to keep the size at about 1 Meg. I can certainly partition my data so that I use multiple files. What about tag usage? Is there a point at which I might be pushing the limits, even with multiple files?


I think you are the pioneer here and we’re all watching you push the frontiers to their breaking point :laughing:

My answer is a nonanswer but my uneducated bet is you’ll be fine, I assume the items are SQL database rows on the backend, and Chrome can balloon to several gigabytes of RAM usage in a single tab. I’ve seem some crazy big websites, and they tend to just take progressively longer to load but once they do it works, and you have plenty of warning as it gets worse and worse. At which point…yeah split into multiple documents since they seem to reload when you switch.

I hit some sort of limit. See here…