Powerful Feature: Clickable Outline like Google Docs

If you’ve worked on lengthy documents then you have surely missed the way to navigate through the document in an efficient manner. sure, there’s a way to zoom-in zoom-out but showing clickable outlines of main bullet points either on LHS or RHS would be kickass.
If you’re not sure of usability then see how google docs show Headings on the left side as outline and clicking on the outline navigates to that section of the document. It’s so useful.
That’s the only reason I use google docs for lengthy docs with many sub-sections.

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I think this is a great idea. Not only useful for navigation, but also as overview of the current position in the document.

My thoughts:

  • Could be implemented as “Document Hierarchy pane” (similar to the “File pane”).
  • Should only show notes that are parents (have children).
  • The section currently viewed could be highlighted, so you always know where you are in the current document.
  • The current note (where the cursor sits) could be highlighted as well.
  • The depth (number of levels shown) should be editable at the top of the pane (with + and - buttons), like [-] 2 [+].
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There’s already a feature request on our roadmap for it: https://trello.com/c/Bwzfc0Bj/103-overview-panel (you can vote for it over there)

It looks like there’s no place to discuss this idea on the forum though, so I’m glad you posted it here, @Gourav_Goyal, thanks!

Hierarchical bookmarks could accomplish the same thing and even more.

Not sure what you mean by hierarchical bookmarks, but as I understand it the clickable outline suggested here is generated automatically from headings.

Bookmarks are generated manually, at least in the context of Dynalist, no?