Possible to read an Obsidian vault from Dynalist

Wondering if I could access my Obsidian vault from Dynalist. I need structure to help mw work with Obsidian. Even when I have a reasonably clear naming structure for my Obsidian notes It’s impossible to keep in mind in naming a new note. I think if I had my notes in an outline It would be easier to link them.

There is some unofficial method which uses syncthing and requires hosting a personal server, but no idea if that’s at all feasible still. Hopefully they will add some sort of integration down the line .

You’d think it would’ve happened already. That it would’ve been natural to continue developing both in the direction of complementarity and integration.

Some Logseq users using it with Obsidian. Logseq is an outliner with networking capabilities. Markdown based. Locally owned files.

And Obsidian has just gotten a plug-in that injects outlining into it. I’d like to give it a try but unclear about how/where to start.