Possibility to hide some items

In some cases I prepare a big list of possible topics and items to expand later on…
Then I actively work on a subset of these items. To declutter, It would be nice to be able to select which items to hide… and be able to show them later on; this could be accomplished by for example applying a special #hide tag and adding some extra filtering functionality and a button to show also hidden things.

You may say I could add a tag to items I want to be displayed and always filter by that tag, but this would be a little more complicated as every time I open the document I should enter the filter info and press search

A few thoughts:

  • You can check them, hide checked, and later show checked again
  • You can tag them with “#hide” and bookmark the “#hide” search inside that document.

In any case it’s probably not worth adding a dedicated “hide this item” action as it overlaps quite a bit with the other hiding/filtering features.

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