POLL: Ctrl + click to initiate a tag search

I just reminded myself in another post how annoying I find accidentally clicking on a tag and initiating a search - it’s the main reason I don’t use them in dynalist.

I wonder how many people would prefer to have the search be more of an ‘active’ choice by it only happening if you hold ctrl + click (of course currently alt + click deletes the tag). So I thought I’d knock up a poll - of course it doesn’t have to be ctrl ultimately, but hopefully you get the point. With this change, clicking on the tag normally would put your cursor inside the text of the tag, just like if you click elsewhere in the bullet and move the cursor along.

  • Current: Clicking a tag initiates search
  • Control version: Clicking a tag enters edit mode; ctrl + click initiates a search

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Ok, obviously not a priority :smiley: