Please add configuration options to the right click context menu

Hello friends! I’m new to Dynalist and I’ve settled upon this tool after doing a lot of research. It was either this or Workflowy… Dynalist won. Adding this paragraph for a bit of flavor to my request, actual content below!

The idea/reference for this feature request comes from being used to working with Microsoft Office applications. Many of us are very familiar with those apps and use them daily.

The request:
Please expand the ‘selected text’ right click context menu to include more (configurable) functions.

Selecting a piece of text and right clicking to manipulate it comes very naturally due to the tools we’re all familiar with. It would be great if Dynalist would allow you to configure a set of functions that can be selected upon right-click. An easy solution would be to add a lot of items to the list, but to keep the interface clean, the best solution would be to have a section in the options menu to include/exclude certain functions and to be able to change the order of appearance.

The context menu would appear both when having selected a piece of text as well as when having the typing cursor on a certain line/item.

I would suggest adding the option to include all functions that are available in the three-striped menu button in front of an item (not sure what that’s called).

Making both configurable separately, and having a check box to “keep context and ‘three line’ menu the same” would be best.

Suggested functions to add:

  • Add Hyperlink (when right clicking a hyperlink: Copy/remove/go-to Hyperlink)
  • Add Reference
  • Add Image
  • Add Attachment
  • Add Note/Context (the same functionality as SHIFT+Enter)

I can probably think of more, but this is the first ones that sprang to mind. Please provide feedback on my suggestion - I have not found this using the search function and would like to know if others would like to see the same.

Thanks and stay awesome!

Edit note: Added some functions to the list. I very much hope my feature suggestion gets noticed and responded to…!!