Placing item under collapsed item uncollapses the parent item

Steps to reproduce

Make an item with children. Collapse the item. Add a new item underneath it (at the same height). Using tab (or other shortcut/command) move the item underneath the collapsed item above.

Expected result

The collapsed item stays collapsed, and the item below just moves into the parent item. This is the behavior if you were to manually drag and then hold below and to the right of the parent item, placing it underneath the parent item (i.e. there’s UX precedence for this behavior).

Actual result

The item is moved under the parent, but the parent item now becomes uncollapsed.


Chrome, ChromeOS. Probably all platforms but haven’t had the time to test.

Sorry I can’t agree it’s a bug. As you can probably guess, we made sure (i.e. added extra code) it behaves this way.

It’s mostly more visual feedback, otherwise you’ll wonder where the item went and whether it was successful.

If your parent list is long and expanding is disruptive, use the Move feature might be better.

Thanks for understanding!

It seems there’s a UX mismatch between when you drag an item underneath another (holding to the right under it) and when you “tab” it under. To me it seems like they should behave the same, is there a reason they are different in respect to a collapsed parent item?

My argument would be dragging an item under a parent is more deliberate. It’s more unlikely to be an accident than hitting Tab.

Also, when you’re Tabbing, your focus is on there; we want to preserve it so you can continue typing. Compare this to drag n’ drop, where the focus is already lost and you wouldn’t expect to continue editing.

Makes sense, thanks for your response!

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