Pinnable Items

I’d really love to pin my big picture goals to the top of Dynalist. I don’t mean floating on top, but literally at the top of the page (where the header is)

This is where I’d keep things like “Your life goal is to be a better human” etc… and they would stay there on top no matter what page I’m in on Dynalist. This way no matter which level I’m nested in, I can always remember why I’m doing everything.

Just an idea, would be the digital equivalent of how I use physical stickes on my monitor right now.


Thanks for the idea, unfortunately I don’t think it’s within the scope of Dynalist (i.e. it’s not what I imagine an outliner would do).

There’s nothing wrong with physical stickies by the way, they are nice for the truly special goals (you can only have a few of them, of course).