Pictures won't display

I can’t seem to put an image (a jpg) into Dynalist. Dragging and dropping yields nothing. Copying and pasting yields nothing. I tried putting the image onto its own googledoc and using the code suggested in another forum about images, ![name of image](url of image), and that code shows up when I click on that bullet but when I’m not in that bullet, it looks like an empty bullet. The image doesn’t ever show up.

I have “display images inline” on. Is the problem that I’m using a googledoc? If so, how can I host images on Dynalist? I upgraded to Dynalist Pro partly so I could display images.

I’m running Chrome on a Macbook Pro, if that matters.

Thank you!

Weird, you should be able to see this when you drag and drop an image into Dynalist:

Regarding Google Docs, I don’t know your exact syntax, sharing that would help. Normally you want to upload to something like Imgur, or Google Drive, since Google Docs is for documents, not images.

Lastly, this post should probably belong to the “Help” category, unless you want to add more details to the bug report (you should see the bug report template when you posted this). I hope that’s understandable!

I’m going to close this if you don’t have further questions? @Emlen_Metz