"Picture links" in Dark Theme have white text

I’m using Dynalist on Chrome, win10, using the Dark Theme by Dynalist without any Userstyles.

Looks like it’s broken while we were trying to fix links being unreadable in color labels in dark themes. Gonna fix asap.

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It was also reported here: Colored labels make dates on dark theme unreadable

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Thank you, sorry for not having noticed it there.

Update: should be fixed now!


Can confirm. Thank you!

Same issue reported on iOS beta on theme : Black, Christmas, would that fixed too :bat::waxing_crescent_moon:

Is this fixed now?

Sorry no it’s only readable when there is background color see my screenshot for Dark and Christmas Theme

Sepia is fine now

Ah, it’s the iOS beta. Should be solved once the new version arrives (very soon).

Updated with the new version and this bug :beetle::bomb: is solved for both Themes