(pc browser) large empty space between file pane and note pane

I just noticed a very large empty space between the file pane (on left) and the notes pane (in the center) when viewing dynalist on my pc browser (chrome). It is far, far larger than required to accommodate the 3 pop-up items that appear when I hover (menu / zoom / collapse).

I think I may have pressed some unknown key combination right before this space appeared but I can’t recreate it (I was doing ctrl-periods to navigate an outline). Now that I’ve noticed the space, it’s bothering me because my note pane starts towards the middle of the screen and extends to the right from there… I want to move it to the left.

If I hide the file pane on the left and open the help pane on the right, that shifts the note pane a little further to the left, but there is still a large empty space on the left taking about 1/3 of my screen… and that bothers me.

If that’s just “the way it is”, then I’m fine with that. But it bothers me thinking I did something to change it (and if I did then I want to put it back the way it was)

I did generally think the document area was narrower than necessary even at max setting. That max setting is obtained by going to Settings-Preferences-Appearance Narrow document layout and turn that off. This is still to narrow for my taste (I don’t mind narrow, but I dislike excessive whitespace), but the only remedy beyond that is custom CSS which is a paid feature.

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Bingo! That helps immensely. Thanks!

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