Pasting without bullet points fr every break Use new lines in item instead


The Problem: Every time I copy and paste something into dynalist, it turns every new line into a bulletpoint. This is what I want sometimes… But also, many times I just want to paste a bunch of text and keep the same spacing etc but uder one bullet point.

This sucks because: I am spending lots of time removing bullet points after I have pasted the document.

Eg, I want to copy some old biographies from my website in case I want to reuse them another time. I paste the text below, and end up with tonnes of bullet points I need to remove.

Any suggestions??

Thank you! Love dynalist btw!

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Hello @John_Wilkinson!

Have you tried pasting into the note section of an item? Line breaks are accepted there and it doesn’t create new items. You can use Shift+Enter to enter the note from the item.

Actually, I didn’t know about that. That does the job! Thanks!

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Hi, could I piggyback this old question?
As far as I can see, a comment is not considered a child of a overarching bullet point, i.e. I can not zoom out the comment (to just see the overarching bullet point). Is there really no way of pasting something from an article into a bullet point without it creating a new bullet point for every linebreak?
It is truly the most annoying thing for me when working with dynalist. Hope somebody can help!

There is a way, with instructions posted deep in the bowels of this forum, but it involves running a bash script hotlinked to a special hotkey, which replaces line breaks that cause new bullets with line breaks that dont, so it pastes all into one item. But I don’t recall offhand the title of the thread. Not sure you want to go to that level of effort and hacking tho. But yeah, its a common enough gripe that people did work around it.