Pasting Multiple Paragraphs Removes Their Formatting



Steps to reproduce

Go to and select the first two paragraphs, then copy them to the clipboard and paste into Dynalist.

Expected result

The paragraphs would be pasted with all the hyperlinked words and phrases preserved in Dynalist’s formatting.

Actual result

The paragraphs are pasted as only plain text, no matter which paste method I use.


Windows 10, Chrome up to date, and Desktop app 1.1.12.

Additional information

What is strange is that if you only copy and paste one formatted paragraph at a time, they can be pasted into Dynalist with all the formatting preserved; Dynalist only removes the formatting when you copy and paste multiple paragraphs at once. This problem is not just seen when copying from Wikipedia, but from any website.

Additional comments


Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

It’s true, pasting multiple paragraphs loses its formatting (i.e. links aren’t saved as
[link](http:// url .com) but instead just shows the link title. Currently only link formats copied from single sentences can be pasted and keep their formatting.

I’ll add this bug in our to-do list.


@villette: This should be fixed in the latest versions (please refresh/reload the app to update), could you please confirm when you have time? Thanks in advance!


It works perfectly now, thank you so much!


Hi, @Erica. When one copies text containing links from within Dynalist to, say, a Gmail message, I notice this formatting issue with wonky links in paragraphs is present sometimes but not all the time. Are you able to address this as well? Thank you! :slight_smile:


Awesome, thanks for fixing this! I have often had to either manually restore links or copy multiple paragraphs one at a time (from webpages) to retain links.

It reminds me of another limitation of copying and pasting from a webpage (e.g. in Chrome): while some formatting (e.g. links, lists) is retained, italics are lost. Could these be retained?


Hi Brian,

To have that fixed, could you open a new bug report with details so we can repro it?

I’m not personally running into this problem when pasting stuff, so a definitive way to reproduce the issue will be very useful in order to fix it :slight_smile:


I think it depends on how the source webpage does “italics”. If they use the proper <i>HTML tag, we can do it. If they put it in an arbitrary <span> and make it italics with CSS, then I don’t think there’s much we can do :frowning:


Fair enough. Last time I checked, was also a common substitute for , meaning basically the same thing. So please also include that (if I’m correct). Thanks!