Pastes from OneNote always add StartFragment EndFragment

Steps to reproduce

Paste a few lines of text from onenote to dynalist

Expected result


Actual result

StartFragment Example


Dynalist in chrome but also happens in dynalist for mac
OneNote for Mac

Additional information

It’s not a big deal itd just be nice if it autoreplaced StartFragmentTEXTEndFragment with TEXT when pasting so i didnt have to do it every time

Additional comments

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I have this issue too. :disappointed_relieved:

Using the latest version of the Dynalist macOS app—on Mojave 10.14.4 [latest version]

This bug still exists. I wish itd be fixed

Same. :pensive:


I’m used to paste from OneNote and this issue is quite annoying.

Sorry we must have missed the post, will look into this and fix as soon as possible.

Is it an issue exclusive to MacOS OneNote?

I’ve just tried on Windows and works good over there. I see the issue only with OneNote for Mac.

Can one of you paste something from OneNote on MacOS to this page: and show me the result?

Clipboard Test.docx (17.2 KB)

Thank you! I’ll take a look and try to see why it’s including the html comment.

I have found the issue and will be including a patch in the upcoming update.


Thanks @Shida ! :slight_smile:

Cool. I pulled the trigger and ordered a new iPad Mini then. I like OneNote with the Apple Pencil but I was holding off since going back and forth with Dynalist was a must.

This is working good thank you. For the record, the issue was there also when pasting from Excel for Mac.

Yup, it used to happen to all Microsoft office products on MacOS.