Paste to Inbox doesn't make Markdown

Not sure the source is Markdown, but the result should be.

Steps to reproduce

Using OneNote, I rightclick on a tab, and click Copy.

In DynaList, I ctrl-shift-i to create a new Inbox item, and click paste.

Expected result

It works right if I skip ctrl-shift-i and just paste into a blank item. In this case I get two links, each wrapped as markdown
[Name of Tab](Windows Link) [Web View](web link)

Actual result

Using the Inbox dialog, I get two voluminous inscrutable links. No markdown wrapper.

This is particularly annoying as the Inbox is a place to dump stuff and not edit results. It would be nice if it captured better.


This is Windows, using Chrome or Edge browsers.

Additional information

Hi @Alan,

Thanks for the bug report, I was able to repro the issue with the steps you provided :slight_smile:

We have tracked this bug on our todo list, and will fix it as soon as we can! Thanks again for letting us know.