Password protect or private document

I couldn’t find this being mentioned but…

I think it would be cool if there was an option to add an additional layer of security to a document or folder.

For example, a Journal folder, access folder you’d need to supply a PIN or password to view the documents in there.

Here is the use case for me… I leave Dynalist open all day, using it primarily for work. But I would like to write blog or journal entries in it as well. I don’t like the idea of someone possibly sitting down at my desk and opening one of my documents.


With all due respect Adam… as an IT admin, I dislike you :wink:

You should always always lock your computer anytime you step away from it. Not just for your dynalist notes, but access to your e-mail and other confidential information (eg password resets?). I work from home in my office alone in the basement and I still lock my computer if I get up from my desk.

If you require a PIN or password, put it in and then leave that open when you walk away from your desk, they can still access those documents. That really isn’t any different security than just closing Dynalist before walking away from your desk. I think in this case all it would serve to do is give you a false sense of security for those journal documents.




yeah I feel ya. Admittingly this must stem from paranoia. I do lock my desktop 99% of the time, and if not it automatically happens in five minutes.

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Windows Logo Key/Super + L is how you can lock it on some systems, for whoever is reading this and doesn’t know.

I like this idea, but having some level of encryption to where even Dynalist couldn’t read the document would be even better.

I sometimes remind myself that if I trip and fall into a coma, it’d be best to have my computer locked.


I do lock my laptop but would still like the option to lock a folder or document as an additional layer of security. Call me paranoid… :slight_smile:


I’m reviving this topic intentionally. I use DL at work. I have my credentials saved in my browser, so I don’t need to retype my username/password combo every time. However, I wish I could still configure DL to remember my creds, but require a 4-digit PIN to unlock each time the browser (or tab) is closed and reopened. This would be fast and easy, but still prevent anyone else from opening my DL. Like Adam_Potter, and probably most folks, I use DL for both work and personal stuff. Is this possible?

Just posted a related poll: Client-side encryption poll

It’s still at feature request stage, so unfortunately it’s not possible right now. Thanks a lot for your input though!

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I agree this topic, me too, I’ve some notes about work and education that I don’t worry if someone else read it, but I uses ma dynalist also like my personal diary… And I’ll be happy to have an additional layer of security for this document, for the desktop app and for the android app too, like bio-metric identification. One-note do that, for example, we can protect some “books” with an additional password.

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