Parent_id for document root? ("insert" action)

Trying to add an item to a document, but without a parent.

From the API doc, it looks as if a parent_id is mandatory. And the document’s title doesn’t seem to have an ID.

For now, I’ve added a bullet point called “Incoming” to my documents, so I can send items there. But I would really like to be able to send new items directly to the document’s root, to be added at the top.

Use case example is a shopping list that I’m sharing with my wife. I want both of us to be able to add items to that list from different sources, using the API.

Update: When supplying a “0” for “parent_id”, or when I leave it empty, I get “NodeNotFound” as error message.


You can use the id ‘root’


Oh, wow. Lovely! It works! :smiley: Thanks, @Louis_Kirsch

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