Page breaks / page layouts for export


Could you add a feature that allows you to add page breaks and amend page margins when you export to PDF or print document?

Alternatively, could provide a way to sync to Google docs which then can be edited.

Tried the export to html function but with this, you loose a lot of the formatting (eg. colour coding, inline images get turned into URLs etc)


+1 for this


This sounds like a much more complicated solution just to accomplish what you mentioned in the title of the post, because it involves dealing with Google’s API. Sorry but I don’t think we could do that.

Could you tell me a bit more about your use case? I understand you want to add page margins for aesthetic reasons, and I think that could be achieved with some PDF editors. What about page breaks? How are you using them? Do you want to print onto paper or just into PDF?


When I have quite long documents with lots notes under various topics (eg. study prep), it’s quite hard to print it in the layout that I want because some sections get separated when I export to pdf. Having page breaks would help so I can make sure that all the info I need for one topic, prints on one page.
When Dynalist exports to pdf, the page margins are also very wide which ends up wasting a lot of space. So being able to amend the margins will help fit more content on the pages. Changing margins in a pdf editor can be a bit frustrating as all your content is still separated into different pages.
I’ve tried exporting to html and importing to google docs to change margins/page breaks, but all my formatting gets lost (bullet points, bold, color coding etc).


Which environment are you printing them in? You should be able to customize the page margin in the print dialog. For example, Chrome provides options like “default”, “none”, “minimum”, and “custom”, and “none”/“minimum” did save a lot of space during my testing.

Regarding the page break issue, not sure if there’s anything we can do. A workaround might be to collapse unwanted section and print multiple times to manually create “page breaks”.


Hi Erica,
I am using Chrome, which does have the default/none/minimum margin settings that you mentioned. But unfortunately this only amends the top & bottom margins not left/right, and still leaves a lot of space under-utilised.


The “custom” setting works for left/right, and this setting is saved when you exit print. Did I miss something?


I am looking for this too. For normal html pages you can add CSS like this

@media print {
  h1 {page-break-before: always;}

I was hoping there would be a way to replace h1 with the div or span class for header1, and probably there is a way, but after inspecting elements and experimenting with inserting different classes into my Pro CSS window, nothing worked that I tried. The classes in Dynalist have so many parts to them I am not sure what to paste into my CSS. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Something like [your selector here] might work.

Example: > .Node-contentContainer { font-size: 30px; }

Give that a try and let me know?


Ok thanks I will try that when I get time (am at a retreat)


I figured the best time was now…this did not work:

@media print { > .Node-contentContainer {page-break-before: always;}