Outlook email forwarding weirdness

Firstly, thanks for the email to Dynalist for this functionality. Since I use Dynalist a lot as a task and project management tool, being able to email tasks into my system is a game-changer.

Of course, when I got in to today I immediately tried it and tested out sending and forwarding emails from gmail, ProtonMail and Outlook (Windows client and web client). Everything went fine except forwarding emails from Outlook. When I did that the email did NOT appear in my Dynalist. New emails from Outlook worked fine, but not forwarded ones. I found if I deleted the first few lines of the email before forwarding (so the ruler line that Outlook puts in forwarded mails and say a couple of lines of the addressing) they seemed to forward just fine.

I’m not a software developer but wonder whether this is because of something Outlook puts in the header or text in forwarded emails.

Sounds like it could be related to the way our email provider separates the content of the email from the footer (signature, etc).

When we receive the email, the provider has an option that strips things like signature, “Sent from my iPhone”, etc. Last I tried, forwarded emails from Chrome still contained all the text in the message thread, so I’d bet it’s something Outlook puts in the email when forwarding that makes it seem like the whole forwarded message is a footer.

Have you tried writing something at the beginning of forwarded emails, or did you setup some kind of automatic forwarding?

Thanks Shida. Yes, if I write anything at the beginning of the forwarded mail, even one letter it goes into Dynalist OK.

I also see similar with another email service, Tutanota. New emails arrive in Dynalist with subject (branch) and body (note) . Forwarded emails lose the body (note). However if I add a few words at the top of the forwarded body, that arrives as a note… but not the rest of the forwarded text.

There might be some way if you manually remove the automatically generated forwarded header (from/to/subject) for the email to be recognized as body content.

Hi Mark, in the latest version you should be able to fix it with this setting:

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Hey Erica
I’ve just tested it. Perfect. You guys are great!

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Great! So happy you can forward from Outlook now :smiley: