Outage today?

All day today I’ve been getting sync errors.
Sometimes I will see the sync animation and after a minute or so… it will change to “Save now” instead of the usual message of “Synced”

Another colleague of mine complained about something similar… however, the status page isn’t showing any problems.


Local internet connection was spotty?

Local internet was fine… A browser reboot seems to have fixed my problem and my colleagues problem too. (We are both working from home; internet isn’t shared.)

Could it be a software bug?

I’ll report back if the problem resurfaces.

Dunno, but a nice thing about the app (rather than the browser) is that you never get a “Changes you made may not be saved” popup, it just keeps running in the background after you close it. Your data is safely on your hard drive instantly and will sync to the cloud eventually, without needing to watch.

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