Option to turn off check boxes for children

Hello. First off I want to say how much I like Dynalist. It is my constant companion during my work hours.

I have a suggestion. Right now it appears that if a parent has a check box, all the children do as well – am I missing a way to turn that off so that children don’t have the check box? If I’m not missing something, then I’d like to suggest you add this option, because more often than not the sub-items I add to a check box item are notes about that item, not sub-tasks.



How come you want notes as items rather than as notes? Do you not like how the existing notes feature looks? Right click - add note. Click the top right eyeball icon to choose the note style - hidden (icon), first line, all.

Yes I love dynalist too.

I use the “notes” feature all the time, but frequently it is better to be able to separate notes into different nodes, rather than cram them all into the “notes” field. For example, if I make myself a task to order more supplies, but I order some from one vendor and some from another, I’d want to check off the main task, but make two notes underneath explaining which vendor supplied what. If I put that in the notes field, it doesn’t visually tell me I used two vendors.


I generally do NOT use the notes feature. To me it’s a depowered item feature, and I would rather add subitems.

For an example here, I might want a top level item to have a checkbox (it’s something to do), and then I have some explanation text, and then I have a subtask, and that subtask also gets a checkbox, but the explanation does not need one.

Use case for this Feature Request

Imagine some meeting notes. You’re recording and when somebody asks you to do something, you record that and put a check box on that task. And the meeting as a whole gets a checkbox that you tick when you have dealt with all the tasks that came up during that meeting. But all the general discussion is not tasks that need to be checked off.


All items have a done/not done state whether the checkbox is there or not, and a done parent is going to propagate that doneness to the children, logically. So, the children will have strikethrough lines even if there’s no checkbox. So, if this checkboxless children feature is added please don’t change the underlying functionality since I like it that way.