Option to SHIFT+CLICK collapse children's bulletpoints only

I would really like something like this.

SHIFT+LEFT CLICK on a bulletpoint to collapse only the children’s bulletpoints

It would be really useful for me since when I take course notes.

I write a lot of notes then roll up that information into a top level bulletpoint summarizing all of its children bulletpoint

This way I could do the following, by simply SHIFT+LEFT CLICKING bulletpoints →

  • See a short-sweet version of all my notes
  • See the fullblown view of all my notes

So if a topic is still new to me, I’ll look at the fullblown view of my notes.

if its well-tested information, I only look at the short-sweet version and occassionally the fullblown view of notes.


What about the Collapse All option in the “hamburger” menu?

You can kind of do this already with keyboard shortcuts, e.g. CMD + SHIFT + . to collapse all, then CMD + . to expand only the top level.


i use windows so cmd = ctrl

Both CTRL+ . and CTRL+ SHIFT + . close the entire list of items.


CTRL + . when opened, retains which items are collapsed / uncollapsed in the child bulletpoints

CTRL+ SHIFT + . when opened, forces all child / their child bulletpoints to expand

This feature request is not the same thing, and is a totally different application.

I want a parent list to collapse only its child’s list of items, not the parent list itself

It would behave similarly to CTRL+ . but apply to the top level child items, not parent list itself

I hope this makes sense

I’m not sure what you are saying… I have a Windows machine too so I tried this out there.

Start with all the children expanded. Do CTRL + SHIFT + . to collapse all children, and then CTRL + . to open the parent only. This will open the parent but leave the children collapsed.

You can probably use something like PhraseExpress to bind this to a single shortcut.

ah okay I see now

I didn’t realize you did both at the same time

This would work for now.

Although I still think dynalist should implement SHIFT + LEFT CLICK modifier to do this though.

CTRL + . is the equivalent of clicking a left click bulletpoint

CTRL+SHIFT+ . has no equivalent left click button + modifier (ctrl, shift, etc)

I do almost all my collapsing manually clicking on it though, I don’t think I’m going to adopt using shortcut keys for this unless I absolutely have too


While CTRL+SHIFT + . works fine, it would be really nice if I had a script that didn’t collapse ALL my bulletpoints, but only the top level childs in that parent

Because if I have the following inforamtion:

✪ Courselist (parent)
✪✪ Course1 (10 pages worth of material)
✪✪ Course 2 (10 pages worth of material)

where each top level child bulletpoint (Course 1, Course 2) are extremely long to begin with many nested child structures underneath, I don’t want to collapse all of those. Rather, I just want to close out “course1” “course2” etc by shift+left click on “courselist”


I found a basic workaround to this problem

If I apply rigid coloring rules to my notes - e.g. the table of contents, I could just do a search in dynalist like this:


Then I only see notes, outlines, condensed summaries , expand items as needed, etc


the good part about this it it doesn’t retain what things i collapsed or uncollapsed either, so my original doc is unchanged