Option to retain opened items when searching tags

If I have a tree

  • Item 1 #tag
  • Item 2 #tag
  • Subitem

And item 2 is currently opened so I can view Subitem

And I search:


I do not want Item 2 to suddenly close. As it is now, I can’t move between different tag filters without having to reopen everything.

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I would like to have an optional mode for search where it just highlights the text (but doesn’t filter things out) and keyboard shortcuts to move to next/previous instance of the search string.

Usually I prefer the filtering and that’s a wonderful feature, but I’d also like the option to do find (and also string replace) without filtering.


Workaround if you’re using Chrome: use Ctrl+G and that invokes the browser built-in search, which should do what you need (search but not filter, can go to next/previous match).

I can see this is a useful thing, we need to think about how to integrate it into Dynalist in an intuitive way.