Option to prevent markdown images from being clickable

Normally when I put images in dynalist, I use imgur.com links like this one http://i.imgur.com/l3r0t9G.png

I leave on settings the abiliy to have “mark down inlined images”

Recently I’ve been using inline images more now when I take notes, as I don’t have to hover my mouse over to preview an image

The problem I have is this currently:

Sometimes I accidentally click the markdown image bringing me over to link in dynalist that it at.

Example of using a dynalist-uploaded image using pro

I don’t want to have the ability to click through images sometimes.

I want an option to disable/enable whether a markdown image is clickable or not

This way I don’t fatfinger press an image link when I wanted to click on the node underneath it for instance

I think this is doable with CSS only, so you can use a userstyle rather than requiring adding yet another option:

.node-displayed-image-link {
    pointer-events: none;
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Is there a way to prevent the image being clickable yet still retain right-click-context menu?

example with reddit.com

It’s possible but requires JS hacking. Basically, on a click event, don’t react if it’s a left click.

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