Option to Pin "My Files" Panel in Dynalist Mobile App

Description of the Problem

In the Dynalist mobile app, the “My Files” panel is currently available as a slide-out tab. While space-saving, it requires extra steps each time a user wants to view their file structure. This can be cumbersome for users who frequently switch between documents or need a constant overview of their file organization.

Use Case

I often switch between multiple documents during a session on my mobile device. Having the “My Files” panel always visible would streamline my workflow by reducing the steps needed to navigate between files and allowing me to see the whole structure more often. This feature would be particularly beneficial for users managing extensive document structures.

Proposed Solution

An option to pin the “My Files” panel in the Dynalist mobile app would be useful. This could be implemented as a toggle in the settings or within the panel itself. By providing this option, users could choose a layout that best suits their workflow needs, enhancing navigation and overall usability on mobile devices.


  • Improved Efficiency : Quick access to all documents without the need to repeatedly open and close the panel.
  • Better Organization : Constant visibility of the file structure aids in better document management and organization.
  • Enhanced User Experience : Tailoring the interface to suit individual user needs, particularly those on smaller devices.