Option to paste plain URL


Right now if I paste a URL into Dynalist, it automatically get pasted as [https://www.example.com/some/other/stuff/foo/bar](https://www.example.com/some/other/stuff/foo/bar), basically the URL gets doubled.


  • I rarely want to give a name to my link and want to paste it just “as is”, ex. https://www.example.com/some/other/stuff/foo/bar (without the [...](...) parts)
  • This means most of the time, I have to manually shorten it to “just the url” after pasting it
  • Or live with the url being essentially doubled, which makes editing notes clumsy (for me)


  • Please add an option in the settings, where I can choose if URL’s pasted should be added just “as is” or in the [...](...) style
  • I am fine with the current behavior [...](...) being the default for that setting


If you’re on a PC, you can press Ctrl + Shift + V. This’ll only paste the url.


I did not know about that, thx a lot! :slight_smile: