Option to Open New Tab when using CTRL+O doc/bookmark search

I was writing this response to an update on what my current workflow with dynalist is: How to create "records" in Dynalist - #7 by Vincent_Tang

and I thought of a really nice feature to have

when you use the CTRL+O shortcut key default, you open up a search to find a document / bookmark

After you find your document, It only redirects the current page you are to the new page

Why not give it the option to potentially open in a new chrome tab?


  • press CTRL+O
  • Type and find your document
  • press SHIFT+ENTER or CTRL+ENTER to automatically open into a new chrome tab to that document / bookmark

It would be kind of like @piotr script for opening new tabs in file / bookmark panel, but all achievable without even looking at your bookmarks bar and purely with only the keyboard

Also, since its easy to remember what I name my documents, it would be very fast to navigate this way as well