Option to have whole word search

Right now every search is fuzzy, including exact search. This means that searching for "apple pie"
Returns Dapple pieS. It would be nice to have an operator to unfuzzy\whole word search.

This is especially important for tags.
If I have a tag #wait and a tag #waitfor

Searching for "#wait" returns #waitfor


I completely agree. It would be nice to at least have exact matches above fuzzy matches. For example, I often send items to my “Completed” document, but even if I search for it perfectly, it doesn’t always show up on top:

Ideally partial search results would also be ordered by their last used date. If I don’t type anything, I can see “Completed”:


But if I type the first letter, it disappears from view:

Search’s smarts could be improved A LOT.

If I search “cheese” the results will be like this, in this order:

  • A checked off, hidden item that contains the word cheesedoodle in its note’s URL strings, from 2014, nested 15 levels deep in an archived document, or something even more obnoxiously obscure
  • cheese

It really is annoying how there’s seemingly no prioritization logic, especially of frequently moved-to items. I have to rename things by trial and error until they bubble to the first item in search, finally. The logic of how search orders things is very mysterious nonsense. Like, at the least, put checked-off items at the bottom. Nobody moves things to checked off items, do they?

Is there any trick? Like if I put a ~ in front of every favorite item, would that bump them to the top of search? What’s the trick?

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perhaps the notation of " " could be used for exact AND whole word.
ie, "apple pie" returns only
the apple pie is great
but not
the apple pies are great

It seems that you are complaining also about the jump\move search. I don’t have major problems with that, but your example looks odd.

Any updates on this? @Erica

+1 for this feature.