Option to have +/- commands at right in wide layout

Hi - still loving DL - can’t imagine life without it!
This seems like a small thing but if it can be added I think it would improve consistency across macOS/iOS, and also with wide/narrow layouts on laptop.
In narrow layout, the +/- expand/collapse buttons move to the right. This makes perfect sense in terms of screen real estate etc; and also means they can be visible all the time, not just on hover (which i like because it makes it easier to ‘hit’ them without having to wait for them to appear).
The thing is, when you switch back to a wide layout, these same buttons appear at left, and only on hover. I switch between wide and narrow a lot, and my ‘muscle memory’ gets mixed up between left and right!
I feel it would help me if I could set the +/- to appear at right also in wide layouts.
I suppose not everyone would want this, so maybe it needs to be in the options, not a full change.
That’s if it is even possible, and something you might want to offer at some stage?
Thanks again for your work!

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Could you describe your use case in a bit more details please? Especially how you switch between the narrow and the wide layout a lot. Do all of that happen on the desktop app/the web app? Or are you switching between using a computer and using a phone/tablet?

Thanks Erica I suppose this is most often an issue when I switch between narrow and wide on MacOS. I quite often use the narrow layout when I am taking notes into DL from other open docs, then switch to a wider layout to organise my notes. It is also a bit of an issue between MacOS and iOS - just that these days I happen to be using my laptop more than my iPad for writing related tasks.
Hope that gives you the info you need?

Hi @Helen_F, thanks for the additional info!

I’m so sorry for the late reply. This must be fallen through the cracks somehow :frowning:

I understand your use case now. Since I haven’t heard similar requests from others, it might not be necessary to add an option for it, if we can find something that works for you, personally. I know an option sounds like it has minimal impact, but it does contribute to a more cluttered options page, making it hard for others to find the settings they’re looking for.

What I recommend is to zoom in on the desktop app (Ctrl+O), until the narrow layout emerges. That way, the layout will always be on. If at that point the text looks too big for you, you can make use of the new custom CSS feature to adjust it. Let me know if you need help with the custom CSS part!

Thanks Erica - no problem about delay this is hardly urgent!
Your suggestion looks promising. So far only problem I see is lack of sidebar, but I can live with that.
And as you mention, the font is rather large, even on smallest setting.
If there is a way to use CSS to reduce it that would be good - only problem might be if it reduces font size on iOS as well?
Anyway, a tip re the right CSS to try would be welcome.

Hi Erica
Just wondering if you - or someone - could give me a tip on how to reduce the font size universally?
I have tried a few things but nothing working so far.
I know a bit of css so once I get the relevant selectors right I should be able to take it from there.
I don’t suppose there’s a list of dynalist selectors and what they affect somewhere is there? I would find that highly useful … and it might reduce queries (like this one!) for the developers.

I don’t know if this is what you want, but on Desktop you can just Press Ctrl + ’ - ’ and the text gets smaller :slight_smile:

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Thanks Philipp. I guess this is a slightly special case because Erica suggested (check the thread) that I could get the effect I wanted (controls on right) by zooming all the way in. It worked (great) but makes the text v big. She then suggested I might be able to reduce the text size using css.

Allright! Sorry I did not read the Answers above. :slight_smile:

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@Helen_F: sorry for the super late reply! We were in the middle of a big office move recently, sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner.

Try the following CSS in the custom CSS option:

.Node-contentContainer {
font-size: 18px !important;

font-size: 15px !important;

You can adjust the 18px and 15px part as you like. Right now 18 is for item title and 15 is for the note section.

Let me know if that works for you!

Hmm, that’s a good idea, but sounds like a big project! Right now we can still afford to help out people individually and spend our time on other features.

Since we now officially support custom CSS, it makes sense to do this one day :slight_smile: