Option to force keyboard in android app

When I’m switching between lines in the android app, the keyboard will drop down but then immediately reload when you get to the new line. It causes noticeable delays and is a barrier to me entering text at the quick pace I prefer.

I would like a global app option to force the keyboard to always be on, I personally don’t ever want to use the mobile app without a keyboard and the command bar above it, but I understand that other users may still want the keyboard to hide at times.


Yup this bothers me too. The keyboard drops and out every time you change fields, very distracting.

Totally agree with @ladyWildfire’s last line. I personally prefer to keep the keyboard hidden most of the time. I find it obtrusive when it keeps popping up while I am trying to make sense of the information.

I am forced to hit the back button very carefully so I can just exit the keyboard without exiting the page.

@anon5887437 The padlock button on the upper toolbar will prevent the keyboard from activating, but still allows moving things around.

Now if only you could lock the keyboard on as well. The keyboard constantly opening and closing is annoying and time consuming.


Yeah, slowly, this starts to be exponenially annoying.

Not sure that this is of any interest, but I’ve noticed that it actually doesn’t happen always, more like 9/10 times.

And yeah, supporting “keep keyboard on” feature, annoying as hell.

And I think it shouldn’t be a separate button/option, just switching between two items when the keyboard is open shouldn’t cause its reload.

This and Up/Down keys not working on iOS external keyboard are our top 2 priorities right now, so if we can get it fixed somehow, I’d prefer not to add this extra option.

Will report back soon!

Update: this should be fixed in the latest version of the mobile app now, so is this option still needed?