Option to change checklist function to be currently edited item only (i.e. not children)

Could we have an option to change the function of the checklist button into a more simple ‘checkbox’ function (like evernote)? At the moment the checklist function makes all children of the current item checkboxes, which is handy sometimes.

Another nice way of using checkboxes is to indicate that an item is a ‘to do’ or a ‘task’ - i.e. to distinguish tasks from notes / thoughts etc (i.e. only tasks / todos get checkboxes). For it to fulfil this function it would need to make only the current item a checkbox (and not its children) because a task might have children which are notes / thoughts on that task and which aren’t tasks themselves.

I personally almost never use the checklist button in its current incarnation and so to me a hard-swap option seems best, but if some people would want to use both types regularly perhaps they would both need to be available?


The feature would give more freedom to deal with checklists, not compelling child items to heritage its parent checklist status.

I agree, forcing all children of a checkbox node to also be checkboxes (as it is now) feels like a bug to me.