Option to add Horizontal divider/line in notes?


It would be much helpful to format the document if we could add horizontal lines to divide the sections.


My personal workaround is to add an empty item with a color label.

I can see the usefulness of this, but it seems a little unnecessary to add a dedicated format for this.

There’s one thing though, I’m guessing you want a horizontal line that extends the entire width of the document, while an empty item with color label doesn’t do that if it’s indented.


I would like this feature as well.

I’ve also tried to use an empty colour label as a divider, but sometimes this gets me confused with other “real” highlighted items.

What I was imagining would be like what a regular MS Word document can do and also what Evernote can do. Perhaps even have a line of different thickness / pattern (~~~~ for example).

However, I can see how having a horizontal line could be disruptive to the outliner nature of this app, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this doesn’t get fully implemented.

Perhaps one could use the colour labels as a foundation, and create a label that is narrower and darker (grey to black). This would imitate the effect we are looking for!
(or maybe this is something that can easily be done with custom CSS?)

I have no problems with the line being indented etc. In fact this has to be true if we want the line to apply only in the chosen node!

**Edit: Oh I didn’t see that the post title specifies the divider being in “notes”.
I was thinking of having it within the outline itself.