Open item finder does not show recent files anymore

Steps to reproduce

Just launch the open item finder.

Expected result

Shows the list of last used files.

Actual result

List is empty.

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By item finder do you mean the dialogue you open with Ctrl+Shift+O? That one doesn’t show the list of last used files.

Only the file finder (activated with Ctrl+O by default) shows the list of last accessed files.

EDIT: sorry I spoke too soon. I was testing on the desktop app which doesn’t have this issue. I think it has something to do with a recent fuzzy search improvement, and we’re looking into it. Thanks!

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Sounds good. My document switching has become much more inefficient without this functionality as I now have to type the document name whenever I toggle between the most recent documents (which happens a lot). Hope you can fix it soon. Thanks!

Should be fixed and live!


Yes, I can confirm that it works again. Thanks!